Hey friend! If you have made your way to this tab on my website, you are probably wondering who this girl is on the other side of the screen and what AB Visuals is all about (hence the fairly self explanatory “about” title for this page).

If you couldn’t gather already from the plethora of photo collections and embedded videos, YES- I, Alyssa, am a photographer and videographer. In addition, I am a daughter, sister, friend, philanthropist, and writer in no particular order. I am a huge fan of traditional coffee shops (that’s right- no Starbucks for me, my friends) and am a self-proclaimed Cincinnati coffee snob. Need to know the way to my heart? Cortado, por favor. I absolutely love Spanish language and culture, and hope to one day live in Spain teaching English for an extended period of time. Although I am quite the curious cat, living each day to learn more about others and the world around me, I am most definitely a dog person. In fact, I believe my most spoken sentence in life thus far has been “can I pet your dog?”.

My mission for the work that I do is simple: I want to capture the beauty, love, and joy within and around each and every one of us so that it may not be overlooked nor brushed off, but rather rejoiced over and adored.

Now that you know more about me (maybe more than you asked for to begin with), I would love to get to know more about you. Whether you have an inquiry for a shoot, a question about my mission, or just want to chit chat, please fill out the contact form below! I look forward to being able to get to know you and capture your life’s most precious and beautiful moments.






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